🧡🧡🧡GODS VOICES – #24Black Mamba Mural 24/7 hoops

🧡🧡🧡GODS VOICES – #24Black Mamba Mural 24/7 hoops

Losing my mind over you,
give it back? No ?
open up the doors – i know you were sleep-in on the floor – Smoke Screens
GOD forgive me from MY Sins
-Help ME through this agony I’m Commuting for you, GODS VOICE: take the train it’ll be your best option, walk the distance & see your life with your 2 bare hands,
FIGHT Club – Throw your best punch-lines
Let GOD speak your senses and heal all slickening in the heavy weather coming your way ! Stay BLESSED KINGS & QUEENS Thank the Universe for all the Experiences you’ve experienced.
Let Go of the weight holding you down, empty out the trash, keep all your personal belongs, you may need this for your next journey through fire of the storm.
The eyes wills be watching & staring but don’t be afraid it is me GOD!
Blessing you in the light,
GODs Plans ;creating darkness that may follow you everywhere you attend.
Hear the word of the truth, he is speaking through these lines I wrote once upon a time…
🔥💪🧡🧡🧡 Monk Mode activated – GODS VOICE #godsplan

🧡🧡🧡GODS VOICES - #24Black Mamba Mural 24/7 hoops

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