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Hi Skate-Dreamers,

Welcome to Skate-Dreams.com💛

Hey😎 Nice to meet🐵 you! The name Johnny!

🎶Where the Mystery keeps on calling you out.

🎶 Follow me on my Journey, Here is the website I’ve been working on & I hope it inspires you do, create, explore, share your passion to the world.

Skate-Dreams Blog💚 : https://skatedreams.wordpress.com/


🧡 Sharing my love of Skateboarding, Helping out Aussie brands, Locals skate shops, skaters, Artworks & artists coming up in the projects If you have any suggestions

, I’m here if you need some help Filming any footage please don’t be shy to msg here, Peace 🔰 & Love 💚

▶ Invite to ODYSEE: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@SKATE-DREAMS2:a

We Sell Skateboard merchandise; Search for your favorite skate brands, ranging from decks, trucks, wheels, grip tape, stickers, clothing, accessories, skate shoes, skateboarding hardware; t-tools, bearings, & more.

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▶Best Out Here ☯ | @skatedreams2

#2022 NEW coming!

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